Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I know it's just cheap change, but the nano forex account has gone from a starting amount of $9.51 to today's finish of $11.51 (and some odd fractions of a cent). That's a two dollar or 21% gain. I'm definitely moving forward.

Actually, I've felt so comfortable with my progress that I have added $100 to the $2.49 left in my micro forex account. If I can continue to reign in my patience and adhere to my leverage rules, I should be able to do fairly well with that account too. While I'd love to be up 1000% or more, 21% sounds like a reasonably agressive number for the markets I'm in. Although I have a lot to work on, I would have to say I'm pleased with my results thus far.

(my other two or three trades were closed after the daily report was emailed):

TypeLotsItem Price PriceTrade P/L

P/L: 32.00

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