Friday, July 17, 2009


I will touch this up in the future.

But, the basic idea is: be responsible for your own actions. What is written on this website by myself (i.e. not in the comments, linked to, or quoted) is to the best of my knowledge correct. However, as I am human, it is liable not to be 100% correct. Because of this, always use multiple sources.

I am trying to provide the best information I can, albeit, I am not a financial adviser and should never be used as a substitute to a full financial education or acredited quality advice. You will take full responsibility for any actions based on any information on this site. I cannot guarantee anything here will work. Please, use your wits.

In sum, this site is not meant to be used as anything other than a forum for discussion, a journal for myself, and possibly, an educational resource. Do not take my advice at face value. Always research things on your own. Sometimes I assume knowledge you may not have or take precautions that may not be stated. Please do not follow my every word, as words are ambiguous, easily misinterpreted, and rarely extensive enough to adequately represent reality.

You've been warned.

And, hopefully, I have been exonerated from any potential lawsuits.