Friday, July 10, 2009

Gains in Forex, Neutral Poker, Some CFDs

TypeLotsItem O Price C PriceComm.SwapTrade P/L
buy limit0.10eurusd1.38601.3916cancelled
buy limit0.10eurusd1.38791.3883cancelled

Balance: 1 068.58 Day's P/L: 55.97

I feel like I'm slightly improving my forex game. Yes, 55.97 cents doesn't look like much, but, not being myopic, it sure is a good way to progress on this journey. Getting ~56 cents (and even more before I played with CFDs) translates into ~56 pips, which in micro, mini, or standard account would be $5.60, $56, or $560 respectively.

Having to spend less time on worrying about margin calls and more time working into and out of trades provides much relief. There would be no way I could execute so many trades in even a micro account given the margin I have. And I won't feel comfortable trading with adequate margin in a mini or standard account until I'm successful at this level, which is the goal.

At the very bottom of the list you'll see #JPM and #AIG which represent the stocks $JPM and $AIG. I got extremely excited when I scrolled down the list of available currencies and discovered a list of stocks. I've traded stocks before, but it's always been such a bitch because of the day trading requirement (and my lack of 25k+). But here, I can mess around with the shares as much as I want, albeit with slightly larger spreads. The losses were mostly because I wanted to see if I could actually trade them, thus, I put little thought into the stocks themselves.

Poker is still going well. I'm at $15 exactly after going bust in an $.80 buyin. That's my second or third bust in a buyin, which seems reasonable to me as long as I don't add more chips on that table and fix any sloppy play that may be contributing to my losses. As with all of the above, poker takes a lot of discipline and work. I get very tired after a good 20 or 30 hands, wishing I could sit in the rooms eight hours every night while watching both the currency, stock, and futures market during the day.

It doesn't work very well. That's 8hrs + 6.5hrs + ~3hrs blogs/news/books, or 17.5hrs of work. That leaves 6.5 hrs for sleep that tends to be edgy due to my daily caffeine intake and my often unsuccessful desire to watch Japan and Euro trading hours (provides some nice opportunities).

I'll have to get back into exercising soon.

Take care everyone.

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