Sunday, July 12, 2009

Short Poker Update

I moved from playing mostly low limit tables (.02/.04 and .05/.10) to playing no limit (.01/.02 or .02/.04) this weekend. And in the process, I lost quite of bit of my gains. Playing no limit tables is an entirely different game than the limit tables. For one, the people playing at these tables tend to be better poker players, which makes sense--you can make more money. Also, it is difficult to figure out exactly how much to risk on which hands, in which positions, and at what time. Much more challenging.

Anyway, I was scared I would have to post that I lost $12+/- trying to learn the game, but I won't have to say that. I did have a drawdown of $12+/-, but I ended up pulling through after trying my hand at several tournaments. I played three $1 tournaments and lost each one (second to last place, and then somewhere in the middle each of the other times). Then I played a few play money tournaments, the last of which I won (third place or so, I can't remember). So I decided to give a $1 tourney another chance and after about 2 hours or so I came in first place. My goal was to place, so I was very happy.

That was a 90 entrant game with a $24.80 prize for first. So I am now up about $26.00+ or so and fairly happy with my progression.

More tomorrow.

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