Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finished 6th

I finished 6th (out of 360) in a 10 cent poker tournament earlier today. After placing in the one cent tournament, I decided my next goal would be to place in the 10. And I did! winning a $1.70 prize.

I'm happy about the win, but, as always, there are areas that could use some improvement. I placed a few stupid bets and played a few too many dumb hands for longer than I should've (sometimes just calling preflop when I should save my money and fold). Also, as I progress and get better at reading people, I need to yield to these developments and fold more often! There's nothing like getting reamed out of double or tripple (or more) of the big blind when my guess as to what the other person is holding is largely correct.

In any case, I'm moving up to the 25 cent tourneys, with a goal of placing there. I'm also thinking about taking out my original deposit of $25 as I have 45+ right now (which should be more than enough to keep me going).

Some poker observations soon.

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