Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Poker and a Little Forex

Before you know it, I'll have to change the name of this site to The Last Chip, with all my poker talk. But, truly, I think the two have something in common (which might explain why I am enjoying poker so much). I've failed at playing the no-limit tables. Lost quite a bit of money (I'm down to about 44.50 or so--my high of 51+). On the other hand, I am doing better in tournaments. I came close to placing several times and did place in my last tournament (albeit, it was a one penny tourney). I came in 14th place out of 990. Yes, nine-hundred and ninety people. That was probably my seventh entry into that tournament (came close to placing once before, but missed it by 2 positions!).

My skills have a lot of developing to go through, but I feel like I'm continuing to improve. Once I can exercise more discipline, I think my account will be on an average incline. It's my stupid impatience that often gets me in trouble (both in poker and in trading).

Today, I didn't do much forex trading. I put on one trade and a few limit orders and ended up with about 25 pips in my account. Not bad, but not great.

More soon.

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